There were scary times today at work. We knew it was coming, so it was just a matter of when.<br />n<br />nAbout 8% of the company was let go. The real scary part was that the group that I work <em>with</em>, not <em>in</em>, lost about 25%. Wow, talk about downsizing.<br />n<br />nThe team that I’m on lost very little, so I will take that to mean that we provide some key services to the core development teams that the company finds valuable. Let’s hope that’s true and lasts because I don’t want to be beating the street these days when <strong>every</strong>body is laying off and <strong>no</strong>one is hiring.<br />n<br />nThe good thing is that the company wants to continue investing in its two core areas, which, happily, I am involved with.<br />n<br />nOf course, fear remains that there will be more downsizing over the coming quarters, and I feel I should prepare for that somehow.