We were doing some catching up on moving in and came across a bunch of old pictures that my mom gave us to do something with. These weren’t just pictures from my childhood, no, they were pictures that went back way further, back to show my dad in his childhood, lots of pictures of my grandparents, whom I never knew, and my cousins and uncle when they were kids.<br />n<br />nThe family resemblance is pretty striking in some of those images and it got me thinking a lot about my dad and how he had lived an entire life before finally hooking up with my mom and raising a family.<br />n<br />nToday marks eight years since the crossing over of my father. In some ways, it doesn’t seem that long. In other ways, it does. I guess we’ve all settled into our ways, including my mom, in his absence.<br />n<br />nI took Penny last weekend to see him at Oak Hill Memorial Park. Didn’t stay long since it was cold and rainy on and off. And she always wanted to go see the more elaborate markers or the flowers and trinkets others left for their loved ones. Harold hasn’t yet been introduced, but will be soon.<br />n<br />nHey Pop, talk to you soon.