Poor Harold’s turn now.<br />n<br />nThe rest of the family is already getting over the latest bug that came through the household. It wasn’t a really nasty one, but it sure seems to be lingering. Everyone had it except Harold. That’s great, we thought, since he’s so new and fresh that he shouldn’t be exposed to it.<br />n<br />nBut because he’s so new and fresh, he was sure to get it. And now he does.<br />n<br />nHe’s got a sniffly nose, a bit of a cough, and he’s having a somewhat hard time breathing. We may be in for hard times in the coming days since this bug seems to take about a day or two to peak, then it sloowwllyy goes away. It’s been a week and a half for me and I’m still coughing up gunk.<br />n<br />nIt’s unfortunate he’s being hit right before and during the holidays, but in the bigger picture, he’s building up his immune system as he should.<br />n<br />nGet well soon, my boy!