Went out to the truck this morning to fetch my sunglasses. Sometimes I forget to lock the cab and it sits overnight unlocked, but I’ve never had a problem in my driveway, even back in the days when we had the neighborhood drug house going full bore.<br />n<br />nAs I opened the unlocked drivers side door, I noticed that the glove box was open and all its contents were spilled all over the passenger seat and the floor. At first I thought that Rita perhaps was looking for something, but she wouldn’t make then leave a mess like that. Also noticed that the ash tray was left open. Only thing I keep there are toothpicks.<br />n<br />nI asked Rita if she had been in my truck and she said no. The only conclusion I can conceive is that someone paid a visit to my unsecured truck and checked it out to see if there was anything worth taking.<br />n<br />nAs far as I can tell, nothing was missing. My CD case was there, the Rush CD in the original package/case was present, the registration papers, the owners manual (including the spare key to the truck!), everything was present and accounted for. Even the three hundred dollars worth of child seats.<br />n<br />nRita’s vehicle was locked last night, with the Garmin GPS unit stuck to the windshield in obvious plain view. That tells me this must have been a complete opportunistic ransacking. And now I know better.