Motivation was the word of the weekend! Each day, we got packed up, ready and out the door by 10AM to go for a hike at a local hiking destination.<br />n<br />nSaturday found us at Rancho San Antonio in Cupertino, as we trucked the one mile to the working farm they have up the trail. Penny walked the entire way up there, we checked out the farm animals they maintain, and we even got to see the feeding of the chickens. On the way back to the car park, she rode the entire way in the buggy. Harold was content in the baby back pack that mama carried the entire way.<br />n<br />nOn Sunday, it was a toss up between Lexington in Los Gatos and Fremont Older in Cupertino. They both allow dogs and I really wanted to get our boy dog out for some fresh air and sunshine. Fremont Older won out, and we found the trailhead parking lot to be jam packed. It’s a pretty popular place, I guess, and most folks did indeed bring their dog. We just did a bit over 1 mile, but this time, since there were more significant hills, Penny rode the buggy the entire way with a blanket clipped to the top, forming what she called a tent (and she missed out on some deer bounding across the roadway right in front of us).<br />n<br />nWe hung out on the tailgate and had the Safeway sandwiches we had picked up, and the dog was good and thirsty too.<br />n<br />nThe weather, too, couldn’t be beat. Sun all day, crystal clear skies, and high temperatures in the mid-70s (F, or low 20s C).