Problems that we’re running into with the Jumpstart Advanced Kindergarten software set:<br />n<br />nAnimal Field Trip<br />nWhenever it tries to go to the contest sheet, it asks for this file, and always defaults to the D: drive, the CD drive:<br />nC:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Knowledge Adventure\JumpStart Animal Field Trip\ani_saveart.cst<br />n<br />nIt seems to play just fine as long as I navigate to this file all the time. I’ve tried to edit this file:<br />nC:\Program Files\JumpStart\JumpStart Animal Field Trip\JSAnimalFT.ini<br />nbut there’s not much there at all.<br />nI also tried to edit this file, defining with an absolute path the ApRoot variable:<br />nC:\Program Files\JumpStart\JumpStart Animal Field Trip\LAUNCH.INI<br />n<br />nLooking in the registry, I found the key for this application and the variable for the path, which points to the diretory above on the C: drive, so it looks ok. I’m not confident enough with creating reg keys to go mucking around in there.<br />n<br />nPet Playground<br />nLauch this from the desktop shortcut, which points here:<br />n”C:\Program Files\JumpStart World\Pet Playground\JSWorldDemo.exe”<br />nThe resolution starts to change and then it throws a generic error that says “Graphics device error”. The title bar of the dialog says “JSWorldDemo”. Not sure what that is, but I’ve done lots less troubleshooting on the Pet Playground.<br />nTried to play a file in that directory called “JSWorldDemo.wmv” and found that Windows Media Player 10 was waiting for someone to agree to its license agreement. I configured it so it now works and will play that file, but the app still has the same problem. Reboot didn’t fix it. I’m stumped.