Once every couple of years, I have to go buy clothes for work. You know, the khaki, dockers kinda clothes. Thing is, I just hate going clothes shopping. I hate going to the mall. None of the experience is fun for me. But I have to do it. After all, clothes, after several years, do indeed wear out.<br />n<br />nNo kidding, wear out. There are areas of pairs of pants that I own that are thread bare. No, not on the seat, but where the belt goes, and down near the cuffs, where they’ve been rubbing on shoes for years.<br />n<br />nNordstrom or Macys are usually my picks. But Nordstroms is getting really pricey, more than they need to be. So I do a cursory browse through them on my way to Macys. At the latter, I found a decent sale rack and picked up four good collar shirts for only fifteen dollars each. The discount said 19.95, but the register took another five off of that. Nice!<br />n<br />nGot a pair of pants on a crazy sale too, but I did end up overpaying for one other pair of slacks and a shirt, neither of which were on sale, but I liked them and figured I got a deal on the other stuff, so it’s ok.<br />n<br />nIt was time to load up on blue-ish items. The threadbare slacks I mentioned earlier were my only last good blue pair, and they wore through about a year ago. The blue-ish shirt(s) I had shrunk up so that I had to wear them with the sleeves rolled up all the time. That was a bit less than a year ago. So I went heavy with blue.<br />n<br />nAlso got some socks to match. They had some house brand that was called eco something or other, made with hemp yarn. Yep. Hemp. Cool. Weren’t any more dollars than other materials, so I got a couple of pairs.<br />n<br />nIn the end, it was not as painful as I always assume it will be. But going to the mall still is near the bottom of my favorite things to do.<br />n<br />nUPDATE: One of the fifteen dollar shirts turned out to require cuff links. Huh? I’m not wearing cuff links to work. Back they go.