Today’s start of the Tour of California was next to my office building.<br />n<br />nDidn’t even intend it. It was pure lucky timing. Went outside around lunch to get soaked in the rain (got on my goretex mt hardware technical shell I got from the flagship SeaWa REI store back in 99) and see what the road closures were all about. Crossing the street at Almaden and Park, I hear the word “lance”, look back and see him riding by on the way to the start.<br />n<br />nWalked over to the start, and there he was, getting his game face on, moving through the crowd of riders to the pole.<br />n<br />nAfter the gun, they went around the block, and I hustled over with the crowd to the other side to get one more glimpse before they all took off to the hills, through the heavy downpour, a hundred miles later winding up in Modesto.<br />n<br />nKinda cool, huh?