Here’s an update on the <a href=”” title=”previous post on the topic”>exploratory ditching</a>. And there’s not much.<br />n<br />nSaturday was busy with some family obligations, at the park with the sky threatening rain and finally delivering which caused all the parents, new and veteran alike, fleeing to the shelter of their minivans. It rained pretty much all Saturday night, but it turned out to be not too soaking wet outside the next morning. That morning was clear but with a cold wind.<br />n<br />nGot ready to tackle this project and do something with the holes in the back yard, against the house and patio. But though I had racked my brain all week, even calling one contractor but never receiving a call back, I had nothing. I took a drive with Penny to the rental yard and talked to them, describing my issue, but they didn’t have much for me. Got home and we had the idea to call our neighbors, who had a fried who’s a plumber.<br />n<br />nGot the name of a guy that does underground pipe and leak detection, but it was Sunday; I’ll call Monday morning.<br />n<br />nNothing really got done, but I did have a lead, which is the right direction: Forward.