Today we got a bit of a lazy, late start. I seized an opportunity to head to <a href=”” title=”oceanside photo and telescope”>OPT</a> and pick up that moon filter, and at the same time, I got a couple of moon maps to help us know what we’re looking at. Also got a lens pen which seems to be a convenient way to clean optics. The place we are staying is so close to OPT that I wasn’t gone a full hour, and that even included some browsing around the store, just looking at all the cool stuff they have on display.<br />n<br />nAfter I got back, the girls were making lunch and we made the decision to go to <a href=”” title=”sea life park”>Sea Life</a>, right next to Legoland. It’s not exactly an aquarium, and not exactly an ocean theme park. It’s a walk through, indoor kind of place that showcases various types of sea environments, such as Kelp Forests, Rocky California Coast, etc.<br />n<br />nThe girls found it interesting, and it didn’t take that long to go through. We were home by a little after 3PM, Vicky heading upstairs to take a much needed nap, the little girls watched some TV and Rita and I hung out on the back patio to enjoy this spectacular weather.