Today was the leisurely day when we moved from OC up to Anaheim to settle into our new digs and get ready for high times at Disneyland.<br />n<br />nWe got out of OC around 11AM or so, after a nice continental breakfast that I put together, and we got to the resort around 1PM. It is a new place, very hotel-like, and we were checked in and unpacked pretty quickly.<br />n<br />nAfter our stuff was safely stored in the room, we wandered over to the Gardenwalk, which seems to be an outdoor mall kind of place. We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, then kept going over to downtown Disney. Not a lot was happening there, so we just strolled around, enjoyed some ice cream and took a nice, slow walk around the Disney resort hotel grounds. The water falls were pretty cool, especially the part where you can walk under/behind them.<br />n<br />nThe weather was getting grayer and breezy, chilly, so we made our way back to our place, about a 15-20 minute walk from the Disney resort hotel.<br />n<br />nOnce back, the kids <strong>really</strong> wanted to go to the pool, the hot tub, really. So I gave in, despite the weather conditions, and we made our way out there.<br />n<br />nWhile out there, our friends Tom and Cheryl and Rio showed up to visit. They were in the SoCal area too, and we had planned to spend some time together.<br />n<br />nAfter the pool, we got changed and all three families went out to dinner, an Italian restaurant on the other side of the park, a good 10 minute drive away. Nice cozy place, though in a strip mall in a not so great side of town, it seemed. But the food was good as was the service.<br />n<br />nLong day, but it was a good way to wind it down.