These last two days came and went incredibly fast.<br />n<br />nWednesday, the 15th, was spent at Disneyland. The favorite rides were of the slower variety, such as Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, and Tea Cups. Last time we were here, favorites were Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean, so we’re not sure why now those were too scary for the girl.<br />n<br />nWe said goodbye to Ted and Vicky last night as they were planning only one day at the park. Tom and Cheryl and crew were still going strong so we stayed at the park a while longer.<br />n<br />nIt was good being able to spend some time with Ted and Vicky and Claire.<br />n<br />nToday was California Adventure. It was a slower paced day, and we actually got Penny to go on the water ride, called th e <a href=”” title=”grizzly river run”>Grizzly River Run</a>. It was scary, so I had to hold on to her with two hands to make her feel safe.<br />n<br />nShe also went on Soaring over California, which simulates flying over various land and seascapes of the state. It’s a bit scary too, but it doesn’t shake you around; only your feet do come off the ground.<br />n<br />nThe other scary-ish ride was the <a href=”” title=”orange stinger”>Orange Stinger</a>. After we were up and twirling around on it, Penny actually enjoyed it.<br />n<br />nDuring the afternoon, we spent a really long time at the <a href=”” title=”redwood creek challenge trail”>Redwood Creek Challenge Trail</a>. They had a zip line (always a favorite), rope trails above the ground, and Koda the bear made his rounds. Turns out we have a couple of Koda groupies. They followed him around, wide eyed, couldn’t be pulled away until finally Koda had to return to his den to take a nap.<br />n<br />nAt the end of the day, Tom, Rio and I went on the <a href=”” title=”tower of terror”>Tower of Terror</a>. As is typical, Disney did a superb job with making you feel you really are in an old hotel, going through the bowels of the back room operations. And it’s not just a drop, but it’s a lift and drop, several times, in the dark too. This was the coolest ride of the day!<br />n<br />nWhew! What a couple of days! I think we are all looking forward to heading home tomorrow!