Penny and I went on the father/daughters spring campout this past weekend.<br />n<br />nIt was long forecasted to be wet and rainy, starting Friday, lasting through the weekend. But, we were not going to miss it, especially since we stay in a cabin, so we kept the plans already made.<br />n<br />nThere were six other dads/daughters in attendance from our group. We set up two tenty canopies, sun shades, really, to keep the rain off us while we BBQ’d on Friday night, since the rain was coming down very steady all evening.<br />n<br />nSaturday, the weather cooperated and though it was cloudy and everything was wet, which means lots of mud, it was not cold and we were able to participate in all the activities. Zip lines, archery, ga-ga ball and crafts were all on the agenda.<br />n<br />nThe food they served wasn’t much to mention, but it was plentiful and it came regularly, so that’s a good thing.<br />n<br />nSaturday night, Penny stayed up with the girls until 11PM or maybe later, and I lost track of time and didn’t hit the sack until nearly 1:30AM. Problem with that is the girls wake up early, and in our sleeping situation, once a couple of people wake up and start talking, everyone wakes up. Needless to say, both Penny and I were sleep deprived.<br />n<br />nSunday morning broke with another steady rain coming down. We had to pack up the canopies in the wet mud, only to take them back out and let them dry at home. We stayed through lunch (pizza and salad, the best meal we had) and left about half past noon.<br />n<br />nPenny had a good nap on the hour plus ride home, and it was cloudy but dry at home, perfect weather for unpacking, cleaning up and getting ready for another work week.<br />n<br />nIt was a great time, and feel free to check out <a href=”” title=”camp out pictures”>the pictures</a>.