This is <a href=”” title=”bay area bikes link”>Bike</a> to <a href=”” title=”bike to work day link”>Work</a> Week here at my company, and actually the official Bike to Work Day is this Thursday, May 14.<br />n<br />nIt’s been a reallllly long time since I have ridden in to work, so this was the motivation I needed. Last weekend, I paid a bit of attention to my neglected bike and got the Fat Boy tires filled to 70% capacity. That’s still quite a bit given that they are slicks that are rated to go up to 100 psi. 70 psi seemed to be quite high enough.<br />n<br />nI also had to pay some attention to the shifter for the front gear set. I can get it to go into the lowest gear, then into the middle gear, but not the tallest gear. It’s an index shifter and it moves the cable a little bit when you move the lever all the way to the max, but it doesn’t pull the cable enough to engage the gear, or even come close to sticking in that position.<br />n<br />nOpened it up but couldn’t find what the problem might be. It seems that if you wiggle the lever around and get it to the just right position, it will grab and move the cable and stick in that gear.<br />n<br />nLooks like I’ll just leave it set in the highest gear, then, for now, til I figure out how to fix it.<br />n<br />nAnyway, just wanted to remark that I rode to work today. It was a good ride, a bit brisk in the morning, but just enough to keep me cool during the ride. If my schedule permits, I may go again tomorrow.