If I’m not mistaken, today would be my fifth bike to work day this year.<br />n<br />nHad two meetings this morning, each an hour long, starting at 7AM local time, with the next being at 10:30AM. That left me enough time to get ready, do the ride, then shower up and work with a few minutes to spare.<br />n<br />nAnd, it <em>is</em> a <a href=”http://sparetheair.org/” title=”spare the air dot org”>spare the air day</a> today in the bay area, so it was a good thing to do all around.<br />n<br />nThe ride was rather uneventful, the best there is!<br />n<br />nUpdate: The ride home was just as uneventful, but the weather was on the hotter side, about 99F (37C).