Found an opportunity to ride in to work again today. Sixth time this year, yay for me!<br />n<br />nThe ride in was again uneventful, always a good thing. I did make a big garbage truck hit its brakes moderately hard when the driver didn’t see me til after he started rolling forward through his stop sign (and I did not have a stop).<br />n<br />nI did do some thinking during my 30 minutes on two wheels. I thought to myself:<br />n- riding sure would be a good opportunity to listen to podcasts. But, that would require me to have the equivalent of headphones on, which could muffle other road noises, making me less safe during the ride. And, it’s more stuff to do to get ready for the ride. This idea is definitely out.<br />n- there are more cars out during the morning commute hours (I left around 7:30AM) than later in the morning (earlier in the week I left around 9:30AM). A considerable difference was noticed, indeed.<br />n- I need to lube my chain and get the front derailleur shifter fixed (it doesn’t shift unless you ‘catch’ the mechanism just right)<br />n- I ran a red light. I had already stopped and I was waiting, but there was no one coming, no one in sight, and this is typically a longer light, so I just went. No muss, no fuss.<br />n<br />nThe ride home was decent too. I caught some good green lights at some major obstacle intersections, so I ended up making good time.<br />n<br />nThis will be it for the week.