Recently read “<a href=”” title=”wireless hacks”>Wireless Hacks</a>” by Rob Flickenger, an <a href=”” title=”oreilly dot com”>OReilly book</a>. here are some of the tools that he mentions in the book, wanted to capture them in one place:<br />n<br />nNetStumbler (<a href=”” title=”net stumbler”></a>) to find wireless networks in range.<br />n<br />nKismet (<a href=”” title=”kismet wireless”></a>) is a passive network scanner that finds networks AND clients.<br />n<br />nDriftnet (<a href=”” title=”driftnet”></a>) for linux, grabs images floating around the wireless network and displays them. Considered an invader of privacy.<br />n<br />nIperf (<a href=”” title=”iperf”></a>) for estimating network performance.<br />n<br />ntcpdump on linux. Best used with this filter:<br />ntcpdump -i eth0 -n ‘port ! 22′<br />n<br />nethereal (<a href=”” title=”ethereal”></a>) is a powerful protocol analyzer.<br />n<br />nnmap (<a href=”” title=”nmap at insecure dot org”></a>) is a good active scanner.<br />n<br />nngrep (<a href=”” title=”ngrep”></a>) is a packet capturing tool, similar to tcpdump or ethereal.<br />n<br />nntop (<a href=”” title=”ntop”></a>) provides real time network stats.<br />n<br />nAirSnort (<a href=”” title=”airsnort”></a>) is a dictionary attack tool to test the strength of your WEP key.<br />n<br />nNoCatAuth Portal (<a href=”” title=”no cat”></a>) creates a captive portal, which a user must go through before getting out to the wider internet.<br />n<br />nNoCatSplash (<a href=”” title=”no cat splash”></a>) is just a splash screen users will get when on your network.<br />n<br />narpwatch (<a href=”” title=”arp watch”></a>) is a tool to keep a watch for people fiddling with their MAC addresses by tracking the MAC address/IP address pairs as ARP replies pass through the network. Also can be used to keep track of who is using your open network.