What a rough two weeks we had. On Monday, 18 January, Rita suddenly came down with a bug, hurling and wiped out. She napped essentially the entire day. It was a no school day due to MLK Jr, so Penny stayed home and so did I, using one of my first sick days.<br />n<br />nA few days later, Harold also got sick, though not as bad.<br />n<br />nThis past Tuesday, Penny came home from school, did homework, had dinner, all normal. Then she started having tummy trouble. Started hurling, all evening, and we were soon on the phone with the advice nurse. Finally, we’re told to take her into the ER. So the girls left for the hospital at 11PM. I was fine all evening, taking care of the girl while mama went to the store to fetch electrolytes.<br />n<br />nWell, since it was a school night and I was supposed to be up extra early the next morning, I went to bed. But when the girls got home from the ER at around 2AM, I woke to the chills, and a really bad case of the shakes. Put on another layer and went back to sleep somehow.<br />n<br />nIn the morning, I felt like a truck hit me. I could barely move, though I had to, enough just to log into work and reschedule meetings for later in the week. After that task, I didn’t have strength enough to even let folks at work know that I’d be gone for the day, completely incommunicado.<br />n<br />nPenny was feeling better this next day, though she stayed home from school and took long naps, as did I.<br />n<br />nFollowing day, I felt loads better, but not enough to do any real work. Penny was well enough to go back to school, though she was seriously wiped out after the school day.<br />n<br />nThird day of this ordeal found both of us feeling pretty much back to normal, like the wave came, crashed over us, and was done.<br />n<br />nMany, many thanks to the mama for taking care of all of us, Harold and the rest of the household while Penny and I were incapacitated.<br />n<br />nLet’s hope that was the once every couple of years bug!