Business took me to Seattle, Washington this week. It was one of the fastest turnarounds I’ve done on the road, just an overnighter.<br />n<br />nWednesday morning had a 7AM flight out of SJC, and I was in the office in the Fremont district before 11AM. That leg was really easy, not crowded, everyone at the security lines were feeling good.<br />n<br />nAfter a busy day at work, I was able to break away and hang out with my cousin Mike for a couple of hours, which included NY style pizza, delivered. He’s got a new place that doesn’t have that freakishly cool view of the lake, but he does have a bit of a view of the skyline nonetheless.<br />n<br />nAnother early, busy day at work, and we were on the 7PM flight back to San Jose.<br />n<br />nAlways good to see people face to face. The software, systems and technology that helps bring people closer together in a virtual sense all have their place, but nothing beats physical proximity to really feel like you’re moving things forward.<br />