Plans for the Patch

<a href=”” title=”Patch from Overhead”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”160″ alt=”Patch from Overhead” /></a><br />n<br />nI recently picked up a book called <a href=”” title=”gardening when it counts”>Gardening When It Counts</a> which got me way more motivated than I’ve ever been to move my 400 square feet garden patch to be mostly food crops. It’s been more of a minor hobby for years, but now I’m ripping up all the river rock borders and nice fat pathways. Instead, we’ll use the left over lumber from a recent project to make slightly raised beds, using as much of the rich soil as possible to raise food crops.<br />n<br />nI have family support, too! My six year old girl was helping to move the rocks. <a href=”” title=”renees garden”>Renees Garden seeds</a> are on sale at Orchard this weekend, ten percent off. That’s an errand for this week some time.<br />n<br />nHope to post updates as to the progress over the coming weeks, months and season!






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