I mentioned in a previous post that we signed up for shares in a local farm, <a href=”http://www.twosmallfarms.com/” title=”two small farms”>two farms</a>, actually. This is a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, program.<br />n<br />nThis past Wednesday, which happened to be St Patricks Day, we received our first drop. We received the pick up info via the <a href=”http://www.twosmallfarms.com/Newsletters.pdf/2010/TSF%20Newsltr%20March%2017%202010.pdf” title=”newsletter”>weekly newsletter</a>, and the pick up site was someone’s house in a nearby neighborhood. There were lots of things in the box, Portuguese kale, baby turnips, cabbage and more.<br />n<br />nI brought the bounty home after work and since it was SPD, and Rita already had a corned beef slab in the crock pot, she immediately took to the cabbage, quarterdd it up and proceeded to steam it. Perfect timing, no?<br />n<br />nWe also got Chantenay carrots, which were a bit fatter and squatter than you normally would see at the market. But eating these raw, it’s amazing how much of a unique flavor they have. I’ve never considered carrots to be sweet, but these do have a sweetness to them. Very cool!<br />n<br />nSuffice to say, we are pleased. The goods were really flavorful and the amount was probably just right for a family of four, for a week.<br />n<br />nWe’re looking forward to more next week!<br />