Every Day<br />n<br />nYet More and more yet<br />n<br />nI become a Dad.<br />n<br />n—-<br />n<br />nAnd here is why.<br />n<br />nMama is gone in the morning, taking care of some things. The girl is home with me, getting ready for the day, picking out clothes appropriate for the weather, our activities, nothing is left unconsidered.<br />n<br />nShe comes out with a purple dress, reminds me of a peasant girl dress. She says it has a slip that’s attached, and that it’s hanging lower than the dress, so you can see it. (No matter that the slip is the same purple.)<br />n<br />nI tell her I can work it out and give it to me. I dive into the world of girl clothes. I discover that there are shoulder straps associated with the slip, and those help to hold the slip higher, so it doesn’t show.<br />n<br />nHow did I know that? How did I figure that out?!?<br />n<br />nYet more and more yet.<br />n<br />nThat’s how.<br />n<br />