Came home from the Adventure Guides campout, our fifth such experience. Penny was looking forward to it in a big way the prior week. When I came to pick her up from school Friday afternoon, she was nearly exploding with excitement about going. How cool is that?<br />n<br />nWe had one new dad and daughter combo, Jim and Natalie. Jim had just that day, Friday, come back from a week long trip to Hong Kong and Korea, so he was beat. But during the day Saturday, he was able to pull out one of his big boy toys, a small remote control helicopter. He flew it around and showed it off, buzzing a neighboring circle. It was a lot of fun.<br />n<br />nWe got in early Friday, early enough to snag primo parking right at the top of the hill near the unloading point. Michael made some great burgers for dinner with all the trimmings, he’s a good cook.<br />n<br />nThe Camp has a new zip line, what the call the High Cable Slide. And high, it is! They built a platform between two redwood trees about twenty feet (6 meters) off the ground and the rider has to climb to the top of an 8 foot (2.5 m)ladder, then climb the rest of the way using pegs that were inserted into the tree. Then the ride itself is maybe a good 80 to 100 feet (24 – 30 m) long. Penny had no fear. But when it came to the Mole Hole, which is a 3 foot diameter (1m) drainage pipe situated on the side of a hill where the riders slide down on a plastic snow sled, she would have nothing to do with it unless I came with her. But alas, the rules prohibited dual riders.<br />n<br />nAs usual, Penny and I stayed until the end, after lunch on Sunday. This time, though, they made available a tour of their new facility that is still under construction. And what a grand building! It’s made of blond, hand hewn logs, something that you would see at an upscale lodge at Tahoe. The kitchen will be restaurant class with all new commercial appliances and there is a large front patio where they can have science camp classes outside, even in inclement weather. It’s too bad the old dining/recreation hall and kitchen will be demolished. Rumor has it that it has been around since the 1920s. But, it is showing its age and there is a ton of deferred maintenance, and it will not fit with the new look of the place, so sad as it is, it does have to go. The director, though, said they will be trying to salvage and reuse as much of the old place as possible, from rocks from the hearth to the wood from the paneling.<br />n<br />nThe crafts we hosted were re-runs, the rock necklace and the foam bear pouch. A lot of the dads seemed to remember the rock necklaces!<br />n<br />nOverall, it was a great weekend, and Penny and I had a great time, and a great time together. After all, that’s the point. Looking forward to the fall campout already!<br />