Over the last couple of weeks, Harold’s verbal neurons have really started to kick into gear. Nearly every day, he’s surprising us with new words or phrases that he has apparently stored up within the walls of his cranium. This goes for gestures too. One example that still makes me do a double take, though it’s been almost a week now, is that when asked a location question, such as, Where’s your shoes? He will stop make a contemplative face, and say, Uhmmmm…. He’s now a little dude!<br />n<br />nHe is also very particular about order, and what goes where, and who can be where. For instance, I was sitting at mama’s computer, looking a file someone had sent her. He comes over to me and with a stern look on his face, he points at me and reminds me this is mama’s spot. He then points over to my cave (my office-like room in the back of the garage) and says, daddy’s ‘puter. ‘Puter? Where did he get <strong><em>that</em></strong>, now?!?<br />n<br />nI sure hope that mama is recording all this, because it’s coming fast and furious, every day, something new.