It used to be where we would work very hard to keep things out of the hands and sights of Harold. If we failed, then we would be faced with something that got dirty, broken, or had perhaps harmed him in some way. Things are a bit different now that he’s a bit older and is able to think a little more rationally.<br />n<br />nHarold is still very much interested in anything that crosses his line of sight. There will be no end to that, which is a good thing. However, once he associates something with a person, he is quite adamant about that object being only for, by, or about that person.<br />n<br />nAn example is my car. He sees my car and points to it, exclaiming, Daddy’s car! Daddy’s car! It’s not that anyone else is laying claim to it, but rather he is excited to know that this particular vehicle is associated with Daddy.<br />n<br />nAnother example is our laptops. Mama may have her laptop sitting conveniently open at the end of the table. i will want to quickly look something up, so I seat myself in front of her machine and begin my query. Harold sees me and practically scolds me that this is Mama’s ‘Puter, mama’s ‘puter. If I don’t move, he will get up, come over to me, take my hand and lead me toward my cave where I have my machine.<br />n<br />nWhat brought this post up was something he did this morning. I have a <a href=”” title=”nalgene water bottle”>Nalgene </a>water bottle that I usually have with me more often than not. It sits bedside through each night, and through the day during the week. Today, he was in the bedroom, grabbed the bottle, and searched the house for me to deliver Daddy’s Wa-wa. I was out in the garage at the time. He found me, handed me the bottle very matter-of-fact, saying Here, daddy. I took it, thanked him, and he scampered back into the house, with a satisfied sense of accomplishment showing on his face. After all, Daddy needs his water.