At nearly 2.5 years old, I find myself marveling these day’s at how Harold’s speech is kicking into high gear. For so long he’s only been uttering inaudible sounds that only make sense if you are standing next to the ‘thing’ he’s talking about. Lately it seems as if his vocabulary database is incredibly large, larger than I had felt it was. After his 2nd birthday, one of his first words he spouted out were ‘ ambulance’ and ‘helicopter’ these two words seemed to unlock an area of his brain and now a flood is coming out. Big 3 syllable words and 4 – 5 word sentences.<br />n<br />nOne on my favorite’s is this one :<br />n<br />nMama : “Harold, sister is going to be here in a minute to cuddle, you will have to move over so she can sit with us.”<br />nHarold: “No, she can sit on the couch” (and the tone was pretty sarcastic) <br />n<br />nAnother one is:<br />nHarold has 3 independent train systems and one of them is particularly hard for him to set up. After having a giant fit over his lack of success he finally comes so me and asks for help.<br />n<br />nHarold : “Mama, help me!”<br />nMama: “O.K. I’m coming in a minute”<br />nHarpld : “Mama, I need help now!”<br />nMama : “Geez, Here I come.”<br />n(I set the track up and see him calming down with a huge sigh of relief)<br />nHarold: “Tank you, Mama. (as he points his finger at me) Now no touch”<br />n<br />