Learned today that a friend from college, Spyros, crossed over yesterday. It was just last Saturday, less than a week ago, that I learned from his brother that he was diagnosed recently with a particularly aggressive form of cancer. And that he didn’t really have that long.<br />n<br />nI was leaving him voice messages this week hoping to talk to him, to see him, discuss some philosophy, like we used to do in school. Plan was to relate some Stoic ideas I’ve been reading about lately. Thank him for helping me move some compost to the back yard, back in summer of 2009, for a new lawn I was installing. Thank him for being a friend, back when, and even now.<br />n<br />nNever got a call back, so I emailed his brother again, checking in. That’s when I learned the news. Wasn’t easy, never is.<br />n<br />nMeet you in the clouds, old friend.