Between the time we got back from our <a href=”” title=”snow weekend blog post”>snow weekend</a> and early March, I was laid out. Pretty bad. I think I had back to back cases of the and a nasty cold that acted a lot like the flu.<br />n<br />nI started to feel it coming on one Tuesday night, and the next morning, it was in full swing, with a fever, aches and pains, the works. In fact, the fever lasted a good five or six days or more, depending on how you count it.<br />n<br />nSomehow, miraculously, the kids did not get it. Maybe the vaccines were spot on this year, so they were spared? If that’s true, that’s really cool. I would not have wanted them to go through this.<br />n<br />nThe reason I said that it was a back to back flu/cold is because after about four days, I just barely started to feel better again, and it lasted nearly the entire day. But the next day, I was down yet again. And the feel of the sickness was a bit different. Fever wasn’t as high, my nose started to clog up, etc. There were different symptoms. It’s amazing how the human body can “translate” the characteristics of one bug versus another.<br />n<br />nOf course, it could have been just one bug the entire time and I just was riding along. Either way, it’s a manifestation of this particular illness and its microorganism that causes it.<br />n<br />nSince I recovered, I started to hear about lots of other people getting hit by the flu. The symptoms have been very similar to mine, so I imagine that this thing is just getting around quite well this season. I tell folks to just take it easy and ride it out. And that there will be several days toward the end where there is a fogginess in their head, and that there is no quick bounce back from it. It’s a gradual recovery.<br />n<br />nWell a couple weeks after the fact, I am happy that I’m now past it. And I sure do hope that my immune system took full advantage and I have plenty of antibodies against that bug!