Today was our latest Adventure Guides outing. We went with the other father-daughter units to <a href=”” title=”the tech museum”>The Tech Museum</a> in downtown San Jose.<br />n<br />nWe arrived not too early, but early enough to kill some time designing our own roller coaster ride before the movie started. Our plan was to go to the 1PM showing of Under the Sea in their IMAX theater. It was cool, as most all IMAX movies are, and the girls loved it too.<br />n<br />nNext, we had lunch in the museum’s cafe then went around checking out the rest of the exhibits in the museum. One thing that struck me, stayed with me really, was the fact that people who are <em><strong>not</strong></em> lactose intolerant, actually have a genetic mutation. They are technically defective. What they were saying in the genetics area of the museum is that babies are supposed to be ok with drinking milk and all the lactose that comes with it, but as they grow up, they are supposed to become intolerant of it, a way for nature to make sure babies move away from milk and toward solid food. But if you can still drink milk as a child, an adolescent and an adult, there’s something wrong with you.<br />n<br />n(Boy, now I completely agree that this gene causing intolerance is a good thing!)<br />n<br />nWe kept exploring The Tech, and discovered the downstairs area, where they have a really cool earthquake simulator. The kids treated it as a ride, but it’s really meant to show you how an earthquake really feels. And not just any temblor, but a specific one. They have a schedule as to which famous earthquake, such as <a href=”” title=”northridge earthquake”>Northridge in 1994</a> or <a href=”” title=”kobe earthquake”>Kobe in 1995</a>, will be simulated, and when. Pretty cool! And pretty scary, too. Those first jolts do a good reminding of how much energy is involved.<br />n<br />nThe downstairs of The Tech also has a huge tank with underwater robotic explorers that you can drive. And moving on, they also had some space features, too, but I didn’t notice them until it was time to leave. Darn! Well, I guess that’s a really good excuse to go back soon.<br />n<br />nRecommend The Tech? You bet. From my seven year old, too!