Today, the piano tuner came over to do his magic on our upright. Though I was away at work all day, I heard stories, stories such as the piano being completely open, its guts showing. <br />n<br />nAnother story about the tuner’s tool bag being open with lots of cool gadgets being splayed about, and how Harold was being shy though he really wanted to get close, check out those tools.<br />n<br />nStories about how Penny was asked by the tuner to play some tunes, to give it a try (she played two songs, Lady and the Tramp and Do-Rae-me). And how Penny was quite distracted from her homework by the novelty of having someone in the house working on her instrument.<br />n<br />nI would bet it was still pretty chaotic, as normal, around here despite the shyness and the homework time.