It’s the last day of May, 2011. Might be a good time to recap the month.<br />n<br />nPenny had her annual piano recital for 2011. You can see <a href=”” title=”penny on you tube”>her performance on YouTube</a>. If you are interested in how she did a year earlier, compare it to <a href=”” title=”penny on you tube in 2010″>this one</a>.<br />n<br />nPenny also performed in a class play called the Penguin Play. We’ll have a video of that coming shortly, so watch for it!<br />n<br />nAlso, Harold has been busy potty training all month. We had him going to preschool full time during the month so the staff there could help out with it, and he is essentially paper pants free now (though he does go to bed with pull ups.<br />n<br />nWrapping up the month with Memorial Day, we had plans to go to Tahoe, but they were scuttled due to weather. Forecasts called for freezing temperatures, and the family cabin was still shut down for the winter, and we did not want to risk having to deal with broken pipes. So we decided to staycation it this year. We spent this past Saturday on a morning family bike ride, then Sunday took us to Oakland’s <a href=”” title=”childrens fairyland”>Children’s Fairyland</a>, and Monday was out to breakfast at <a href=”” title=”stacks breakfast”>Stacks</a>, too much time at <a href=”” title=”frys electronics”>Fry’s</a> where Rita picked up a new <a href=”” title=”lg g2x”>Android phone</a>, and then hanging around the house.<br />n<br />nIs it really nearly June, with the year nearly half over? Geez.