I finally got tired of fighting every little last breeze outside with the RC Helicopter, so I took the advice of the guys in the shop and decided to only fly it indoors. In the garage, that is.<br />n<br />nOf course, the air is very still inside, so it’s a lot easier to control. I mean, wow, what a difference! I’ve been practicing flying from the workbench surface to a large cardboard box on the other side of the garage, to another smaller box that’s propped up on end.<br />n<br />nI’d like to say that my skills are improving, but it’s hard to tell. The helicopter is pretty touchy, and it probably has to do with all the beating it took when I was flying outside for the last couple of months.<br />n<br />nOne of the issues I have is that it has great vertical power when the battery’s fresh, but it poops out quick, then doesn’t want to gain much altitude at all. And once in a while, it seems to “kick in” and then take off vertically. That doesn’t happen too often, but enough times to notice it.<br />n<br />nIn any event, it’s been a lot more fun just doing the take off and landing practicing inside!<br />n<br />nStill deciding on if and when to get the simulator. I’m certain it will be a time suck.