As of today, our landscape project is officially done. Done from the contractor’s perspective.<br />n<br />nHe and one of his foreman came by today to put some finishing touches on the post rock. He asked me if there was anything else to do, any questions or details to finish up. Other than adjusting the latch on the gate and moving one of the wine barrel planters, that really was it. I sat down, calculated what I owed him, cut a check and that was it.<br />n<br />nIt took just under a total of eight weeks. Compared to the whole house remodel, we were done quickly. It will be a bit weird NOT having guys showing up every day anymore, working on various things around the yard.<br />n<br />nAs expected, he asked me if I wanted his guys to come back every week or every two weeks to do maintenance. Now that I’m completely broke again, I told him I will get back to him when I’m ready for that. Rita, on the other hand, would LOVE to have them come to maintain the yard…!