I have the rainwater catchment system all set up and eager to receive the free bounty from the skies this winter. But wait, is it really winter? This time of year, we should be getting at least a drizzle now and then. But we’ve been dry for months now. So my new h2o catch and store system is just sitting there, waiting for the moisture to show up.<br />n<br />nI still have a couple hundred gallons in the tank, leftover from the <a href=”https://www.jaworskihouse.com/blog/index.php?/archives/321-A-Weekend-of-Storms-and-Rainwater.html” title=”rain water catch”>storm we had</a> in, when was it, November? I’ve been using it here and there to irrigate what crops we do have growing in our winter garden. But it’s getting used up, and the storms are just not coming in to replenish my supply.<br />n<br />nIndeed, it’s been so long that I wanted to make sure the system still works. So I put the hose into the cistern to start dumping some water into the system, and a few seconds later, the float floated, the pump fired up, and the water was making its way quickly to the tank. Nice. Now, let’s use it for real!<br />n<br />nAnyone up for a rain dance?