Penny was in the bathtub and was adamant about wanting the bathroom door kept open.<br />n<br />nHarold thought it would be fun to make her yell and tease her. So, he went to the pocket door and closed it, sister yelled and the game continued.<br />n<br />nAs I am telling him to leave the door open (I open it to stop sister from yelling). Harold now feels he needs to be sneaky to close the door. He holds the door frame and grabs the pocket door again, then he grabs the door and throws it open right on to his thumb.<br />n<br />nAt first it didn’t seem so bad.. but the next day came the very bloody nail.<br />n<br />nThe Doctor drilled a hole in the top of his nail to release the pressure and to allow the blood to drain. She also prescribed an antibiotic to fight off any possible infection.<br />n<br />nImage coming soon.