Penny started school just this past Monday. 4th grade is much different than what she’s used to. They are very much stressing the importance of independence, self reliance, consequences &amp; accountability. The teacher does not repeat himself and gives directions with the intention the kids take good notes. She’s been in tears 3 of 4 days already. <br />n<br />nShe’s rushing through her homework like usual…. only to find she did something very wrong and having to erase and do the entire thing over. (printing vs cursive) (wrong side of math page) I hope she figures out soon that she needs to slow down, pay attention and start essays sooner. She was up last night til 10pm writing an essay on ‘The best day ever’. Part of her problem is she loves to write. So… her paper is way to long due to her creativity and descriptive language. It’s a good paper though.<br />n<br />nI have been letting the consequences land this week. She’s missed out on ice cream, among other things due to the choices she made. I kinda feel sorry for her, she’s been tossed into the deep end. (it will be good for her.. right?)<br />n<br />nBelieve it or not.. she does love it. Her Teacher is fabulous. He has a dry sense of humor, is very literal and most of all patient. This may be his last year teaching. He’s ready to retire. I’m bummed, he would have been great for Harold.<br />n<br />nShe’s probably going to pick up a 3rd instrument in a couple of weeks. A wind instrument maybe Flute. The High School here has a very good band and they start the program in 4th grade so they are ready by freshman year.<br />n<br />nHurray, no homework today!