Penny and I are readying for the <a href=”” title=”silicon valley turkey trot”>Silicon Valley Turkey Trot</a>, will be our second year straight. Last year, we walked, ran, and walked the TT 5k. It was her first experience participating in a race. She’s in running club at school, and though I don’t believe it’s her favorite activity, she seems to tolerate it and even readily agrees to come out for the event.<br />n<br />nThis year, I’d like us to get a bit more serious about it, and run more than walk, opposite of what we did last year. Penny has running club at school to get her in practice, but I’ll have to rely on my own discipline to get motivated to train.<br />n<br />nNot quite two weeks ago, I started to make time to pick up running again. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the Guadalupe Creek trail, and I’m noticing some changes that have taken place out there. The homeless camps are still there, flourishing even. And the work to rebuild the railroad trestle just north of Julian St has been completed (gone is the distinct aroma of tar infused lumber of the old structure, replaced by iron girders and concrete decks). The Guadalupe Park has installed patches of demonstration native, low maintenance grasses just north of Coleman Ave. But all in all, it’s still a familiar trudge.<br />n<br />nToday was about the fourth time out. Each time, I went a bit further. Today, I reached a point that I wanted to get back to, crossing the highway 880 overpass and coming up the other side, at the southern edge of the airport. It was a bit of a milestone to get back to this point, and I did it in only four attempts.<br />n<br />nClouds were deep grey today; it had been heavily sprinkling earlier in the day. Drizzle was coming down during my run. I was getting a little wet but my poly running shirt wicked it away, and with the help of my body heat, worked to disperse the moisture back into the atmosphere. It felt great; I felt great. I felt like I was maintaining a better pace than the last few times out here. I continued the entire distance, to the airport and back, just a hair over 44 minutes round trip.<br />n<br />nNow it’s later in the evening and my body is reminding me of today’s run. Not hurting, but just fatigued, in a good way. This is the feeling that really makes the drudge worthwhile. I expect to sleep good tonight, rest for a day or two, then have an even more awesome run on Saturday or Sunday.<br />n<br />nPenny, thanks for the catalyst for the motivation!<br />n<br />