On Thanksgiving Day, 22 November, a couple weeks ago, Penny and I ran the <a href=”http://svturkeytrot.com/” title=”turkey trot”>Silicon Valley Turkey Trot</a> 5K race. We don’t train too hard for it, it’s mostly just to have a goal and to have fun.<br />n<br />nThat morning, we drove to the light rail station and took it into downtown SJ. We found where the 5K start area was, for our pace (12+ min mile) and waited. The crowd finally started moving and we were off! There were lots of walkers and strollers, so for the first many minutes, we played dodge ball, weaving through all the folks slower than even we were.<br />n<br />nI must way, I’m impressed with Penny in that she ran almost the whole way, very little to no complaining, though we did take a couple of good walking breaks along the way.<br />n<br />nThe official results are in. Penny finished with a time of 37:58, which is a pace of 12:13.<br />n<br />nThis was the second year running (pun intended!) we did the SV Turkey Trot. And from the looks of it, we’ll be doing it again next year, possibly with an additional runner. Harold says he wants to do it, too. Yeah!