I got an email from Wayne LaPierre <admin@nramedia.org> from the National Rifle Association today. Here’s the beginning of the mail.<br />n<br />n<!– s9ymdb:70 –><img width=’425′ height=’111′ style=”border: 0px; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;” src=”https://www.jaworskihouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/blistering.PNG” alt=”” /><br />n<br />nReally? The NRA and I have suffered “blistering and brutal attacks” lately? Then how do you describe it if someone takes an AR-15 BushMaster assault rifle to your first grader?<br />n<br />nBTW, Wayne, I saw snippets of your speech to congress yesterday. It was fun to see you basically say that you don’t trust the police chief that was sitting down the row from you. But don’t those same gun manufacturers that you represent also supply firearms to those cops you don’t trust?<br />n<br />nYou’re in a weird spot and make no sense.