Yesterday, I got a cold call from a real estate agent, also known as a used home salesman. Not sure how he got my number, and I’m not sure if he actually knew where I live, where the property is located.<br />n<br />nHe told me that inventory in the area was low, there is a resurgence in the local market, and whether I was considering selling. Yada, yad.<br />n<br />nI replied that everything’s for sale, implying that anything could be sold if the price was right. He may not have picked up on that implication, as he started to get really excited that he may have hooked a live one, someone who was considering selling but just hadn’t acted on it yet. I’m sure big dollar sign ideas of commissions started running through his head.<br />n<br />nHe asked if we could meet up to talk about it. But first, I said, he had to understand that there is a minimum price I would have, specifically, we would only consider selling if we were looking at eight figures. It took him a second to do the math, at which point he started laughing. As if I was kidding. I told him if he could come up with a buyers that could produce that kind of serious offer, then we could talk. However, if he didn’t think his salesmanship was up to the challenge, he can keep walking.<br />n<br />nI haven’t heard back from him since.