Tahoe Trip, 30 Aug 2013, first full day<br />n<br />nI woke up around 8:30am. That is <str ong>SO</strong> late! Rita was already up. Coffee was made. After a leisure morning tweeting replies to Carlton Ave School, doing email, and after a breakfast of pancakes, I went outside to change out training wheels. But Harold said it’s ok, keep the old ones on. We took off on the trail where he realized, He is really scared of downhill. Says to me, Dad, do you know why I don’t like downhills? Why?, I asked. Because it freaks me out, he says. Ha!<br />n<br />nWe went all the way to the park via the paved trail, which is about a mile from the cabin. He started to really get/understand the bike riding thing. Sister was riding along with us too. Rita met up w/ us few min later w/ waters, gatorade.<br />n<br />nAfter a while of playing on the playground and swing set, we went back to the cabin, had lunch, then departed for Truckee. We visited one of the coolest stores on the hill, Mountain Hardware, the Ace Hardware store in Truckee. We visited Rita’s long time friend, Sonya, who moved to Truckee about twenty years ago, successfully making the transition from bay area to mountain living. Watched her boys at football practice, and boy are they getting big!<br />n<br />nAfterwards, we made our way back to Kings Beach, and the Berrys were already there. I grilled fajitas while we all just hung out; it was all good. The Baby Weber grill at the cabin is a bit scary on that little table we set it on. I had to guard it all the while cooking or else kids or dogs might bump it, spilling coals, and setting the deck, the cabin, the forest on fire! May not be a good idea to grill here anymore. Needless to say, we went to bed early.