In October, we thought we were going to Tahoe, neighbor Jerry’s cabin. We changed the plan a week before the holiday, and at the very last minute, the night before, registered for the <a href=”” title=”silicon valley turkey trot”>Silicon Valley Turkey Trot</a>. Morning of, we got up early and prepped, figuring out light rail details, bib numbers, safety pins, etc.<br />n<br />nDrove to the light rail station, rolled into downtown. We walked too much looking for where they were handing out late-comer bibs, but got a break when we ran into a volunteer person looking for registered participants with bib numbers above 26000 (that’s us!).<br />n<br />nRan most of the 3 miles, and finished at 38:47 according to my watch’s chronometer (only one second off from the official time!). After the 3.1, we made our way to the festival area, found our TT 2013 shirts, got free bananas, sweet potato chips and water, then made way to Santa Clara light rail station. Train was just arriving so we ran for the train but missed it, then happily discovered it wasn’t ours. Railed it back to the car, and got home in time to ready for thanksgiving with family. Just enough, just in, time. Like greased rails, oh yeah…<br />n<br />nNext year, let’s do this a little more seriously, ok?<br />