Becky the Buffalo Girl<br />n<br />n The tale of Becky. She was some person. Some folks believed that she wasn’t even human, she was so different. Well I don’t blame them. She was sure something. She could take on two hundred animals in one corral in about 5 minutes. Becky also created a few things we know today as well. But I don’t want to spoil it. . .<br />n<br />n Becky was born in Oklahoma on April 5th. She was very normal looking, more normal looking than you’d picture her right now. Curly hair, freckles on her cheeks. . . Well, when she was about 14 years old, her parents sent her out to get more food for the family, since she was very good at herding animals. Everyday she would go out to the forest with her 18 year old brother, Paul, and hunt. She would herd the animals, and her brother would shoot. <br />n<br />n Well, one day Becky and Paul were just hunting like normal. Then all of a sudden, Becky heard a big thumping noise. Paul was busy trying to look for animals so he didn’t hear it. Then Becky noticed a big stampede of. . . Buffalo! They were heading straight for Paul! She quickly shaved off tree bark that was strong and sturdy. She then quickly built a corral and herded all the buffalo into the corral before they reached Paul. When they got back home Paul called the whole town together to tell the story of his sister saving his life. Becky also kept a buffalo from the herd and named her Stemp.<br />n<br />n Two years later, at age 16, Becky went traveling. She came upon Yosemite as we call it today, and started to hit the walls of Lyell Canyon with her new ax that her father gave her. All of a sudden, she heard a sound like raging water coming towards her. She made a hole so big that water sprayed out and splashed her on to the ground. The water still flows today, but we know it as Yosemite Falls.<br />n<br />n Well Becky was not pleased with that trip, because she did not like surprise swimming. She kept on traveling, riding on Stemp peacefully. She heard about this beautiful place called California, and wondered what treasures she would find there. Well one day Becky was walking with Stemp, and got quite hot. She saw a medium sized puddle and started to make it bigger. She and Stemp dug up the puddle and made a lake today known as Lake Jennings. Becky swam in the lake, cool water dripping from her chin. Now that place was much better than Yosemite.<br />n<br />nWell she was getting tired of traveling and decided to go to just one more place.<br />nBecky heard of a place called Nevada with beautiful landscapes. When she got there Becky felt she needed a nice BIG drink of water. She saw a tiny waterfall dripping from a hole in a rock wall. Becky took a little drink, but that wouldn’t at all be enough for her big appetite. She decided to dig a giant hole to make a waterfall so she could have a bigger drink. The rock wall was so sturdy that she needed Stemp to help. They both hit the wall so hard. After a few more hits, finally Becky created a nice big waterfall and took a drink. Today we call that waterfall Nevada Falls.<br />n<br />n Becky returned home to her family. When she got back, she heard terrible news from Paul: Their parents had died while she was in California. Well Paul and Becky managed to go without their parents, and moved to California. They lived a happy life there.<br />n<br />nBy : Penny