Dear Penny,<br />n<br />n I just wanted to remind you of all I recall about your years at Carlton. After all, it is your last year here, and I will miss you so very much. Well anyways . . .<br />n<br />n <br />n I remember seeing you for the first time, as you entered Kindergarten. You looked so nice in your little flower shirt. You walked confidently to class, like you had done this before. You stood by the classroom door, your parents taking pictures as you posed for the camera. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Rast seemed like wonderful teachers. I remember hearing you tell your parents about making “Fish Shirts I did not know what those were, but they sounded fun. You really<br />nloved kindergarten.<br />n<br />n I felt lonely over the summer, and finally the next year came. When you came to school, it was your friends that you saw, not me. You looked so much bigger and ready for school. You walked to class with your pink backpack, so happy to be at school again. You loved your teacher Mrs. Morse. As your first grade year ended, I could hear you crying as the bell rang. I could tell you were so very happy, though also very disappointed because you would miss all of you friends and school. You wouldn’t miss me, of course, I could never speak with you, though I would miss you so very much.<br />n<br />n Second grade had started for you. When I first saw you I wanted to run up to you and congratulate you, though I couldn’t. Even if I tried, I couldn’t. One day I heard singing about penguins in the cafeteria. I assumed you were putting on a play. What fun! Mr. Phillips seemed very funny. You did say that he was moving up to fifth grade. How nice! On the The last day of school I saw you walking around asking people to sign your yearbook. You never came up to me, of course. But that was okay. Again I felt your mixed emotions with you on the last day of school, even though we were apart.<br />n <br />nYou were so very excited for third grade. I was too. I loved seeing you grow up and become so happy as you went into a new grade. I heard that you were learning cursive. I am so happy you got to do all of this, for I don’t have any arms or legs to write and walk. You said that Mrs. Humphress was very wonderful. I believe it. Sometimes I would see her at Safety Patrol making sure the children were safe. On the first day of school, I saw you telling your mom that you were confused at recess and didn’t know which playground you were supposed to go to. It was actually a bit funny. Confused at recess!<br />n<br />nYou were feeling older when you went into fourth grade. In open house the past few years you saw models of missions that the fourth graders made, and you finally got to do a painting of a mission, in Mr. Stewart’s class! One day you were complaining to your mom that your face hurt. I heard that you had made a mask of your face. I wish I could’ve done that. That year you were more <br />nhappy to be out of school than disappointed. I wish I could leave at least for a day, for I live here at Carlton.<br />n<br />n You were extra excited for fifth grade, and I was too! You got the same teacher as in second grade: Mr. Phillips! In the beginning of the school year, you signed up for Safety Patrol. Sometimes it was very cold, and when you walked by I could see your hands were a bit blue. Once I didn’t see you for a week. Well, you were at Science Camp. After school one day I saw you were quite excited. I heard that you had entered in the school play “Annie”, and got the lead role! How exciting! You had four shows! Four! Towards the end of the school year, I saw you left on a field trip to Union Middle School! I’ve never been there before. I wonder what it is like? I believe soon you will go to a pool party. I don’t have a swim suit and I can’t swim, so I can’t come. Fifth grade looked like it was wonderful.<br />n<br />n Well, now your Carlton years are coming to an end, and I will miss you very much. From kindergarten to fifth grade, I believe you had a wonderful time. Going to Union is a big deal, and I am happy for you. Have a great summer and rest of your life. Please say hi when you are picking up your brother!<br />n<br />n Sincerely,<br />n The Flag Pole<br />