Poor Harold. He was at a friend’s preschool graduation party on Sunday, and he had a blast. Until the very end, that is. You see, he really, really wanted the shiny balloon that said “Happy Graduation 2014”, and the parents of the grad graciously gave it to him. The dad even tied it to Harold’s wrist so it wouldn’t escape.<br />n<br />nA few moments later, we heard an anxious scream. All parental heads quickly turned in the direction of the commotion. There was Harold, a scared look on his face, head tilted back, his eyes looking up at his beloved balloon floating away into the bright, blue yonder.<br />n<br />nHe was so upset. We tried to calm him down, tears streaming down his face. He was in full sob mode. He really, really liked that one balloon, and now it’s gone! He continued, “I wish I had a bird friend.” Bird friend. Yes, such a friend could go after it, grab the string and bring it back to him. What a great thought. With such a tiny broken heart, I wish he had a bird friend too.<br />n<br />nIsn’t that cool, the stuff that pops into the minds of young ones?