It’s been a pool party summer. Three weeks in a row, we had a pool based birthday party to go to. First, there was Harold’s that we hosted at<a href=”” title=”almaden valley athletic club”> AVAC</a> (Almaden Valley Athletic Club), then there was his friend from school, Deeksha, who had hers at <a href=”” title=”water works aquatics”>Waterworks Aquatics San Jose</a> on South Bascom. Then this past weekend, we went to a friend’s place in Mt View; they just had a pool installed in their backyard, and it was full of kids, the entire time.<br />n<br />nBack in May, we became members of AVAC for the pool. We’ve also been going to AVAC to swim for the past few Sunday afternoons, after we were finished with activities of the day. it’s a good way to unwind, the kids love it (they love any pool), and AVAC mandates an adult swim for 15 minutes before the top of every hour. That way, I get a few laps in.<br />n<br />nThis summer, we smell like chlorine.