The first dance starts in just a half hour! I’m sure all the girls are excited!<br />n<br />nHere is the text from the school announcement:<br />n<em>The sixth grade dance is today. The dance will begin at 4:00 pm, and end at 6:00 pm. Tickets for the dance will be sold today for $6, and $7 at the door. Get one dollar off with an ASB card. Pictures will be taken and sold for $2 at the dance. If you get tired of carrying around your belongings, there will be a coat and bag check. You must be picked up in the cafeteria no later than 6:10, and dress code will be strictly enforced. Hope to see in our Journey Under the Sea.</em><br />n<br />nI’ll still be out and about at work when the dance begins, but I’ll be there to pick her up. And the latest news is that I’ll also be picking up two of her friends to take home. You’ll see a proud dad snapping pics of this Big Event!