Last weekend, we camped in the RV at Uvas County Park, west of Morgan Hill. It rained nearly the entire time, though it spared us for the waterfall hike on Saturday afternoon, then again late Sunday morning. The falls were running nicely, beautiful area back in there, and I have to say, I’m pretty sure it was the first time I’ve even been there!<br />n<br />nArcher was very hesitant to cross the shallow, but fast moving water at the end of the loop trail. He wormed out of his harness and ran back up the trail looking for an easier route. We thought we’d lose him! To get him to cross, and join us again, we had to pretend we were leaving him behind. He finally took the ‘plunge’ and crossed, coming right up to us, no muss, no fuss. Next day, when the whole family went on the same loop, Archer didn’t have much of a problem crossing. That dog brain of his remembered!<br />n<br />nWe’ll definitely go back, but maybe not in the RV. It’s pretty cramped and really made for tent camping.