Harold turns eight today. I said goodbye to the seven year old last night, the little guy that has been so fun to hang out with. This morning, I woke an eight year old, who looked very much the same as the guy we left yesterday.<br />n<br />nI got the chance to wake him, informing him there were things waiting for him on the table: his requested crepes, with candles, and presents.<br />n<br />nHe climbed on my back and we made our way to the dining area. Pictures were taken, breakfast was eaten, and presents opened. A real life tool set in a case, a Ryobi cordless drill/driver with a set of bits, and a birdhouse kit to build with those tools. We think he would have preferred a WiiU or more Skylanders, but he’ll be occupied enough with these.<br />n<br />nTonight, we pick up Grandma Christina and head to Red Robin for dinner, then go see Secret Life of Pets. Tomorrow, Saturday, we head over the hill to Beach Boardwalk, with a buddy of his and grandma Carol and aunt Wanda. He’ll have a great time, and we will try to take full advantage of the priviledge of getting to spend a year with an eight year old boy. Only one year, though, then again, we have to say goodbye to him before welcoming the next.