We made a hand written card to Harold’s third grade teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week. Here is what we wrote:<br />n<br />n<em>Dear Miss Bethune,<br />nThank you for stepping in this year and being Nicholas’ third grade teacher. We were happy to hear you would remain with us through the end of the year. We consider you to be Nick’s 3rd grade teacher and we appreciate all the work you have done with him. He has noticeably improved and progressed as we would expect.<br />nRegards<br />nRob and Rita Jaworski</em><br />n<br />nWe told her that we were glad that she would stay on because his ‘regular’ teacher, who only was with the class for hte first few weeks of the school year, went off to have a baby. Though she was to return to class in April, there were a series of delays that ultimately led to her being gone the entire school year. We feel it would have been disruptive, if not a little weird for the kids, to have one teacher for nearly the entire year, except for their ‘regular’ teacher who only showed up at the beginning and the end. The end of the year worked out better this way.